Tattoo Aftercare instructions

A Tattoo is technically an open wound as such you must treat it as one to avoid any complications and promote healing, you will get the best results from your new tattoo if you follow these easy instructions:
-       Shower within 2 hours of having your tattoo done.  Carefully wash the tattoo with non-perfumed soap.  Just pat gently with your hand, then rinse.
-       It is important to get rid of any excess blood or ink.  You can do this by gradually turning the heat up on the shower.  Increase the heat until it is no longer bearable.
-       Pat dry with a clean towel.
-       Gently rub TINKture oil onto your tattoo.
-       During the night, you may find that the sheets have stuck to your tattoo.  Be gentle when pulling them off your skin.
-       In the morning, follow the same shower process as the night before.
-       The TINKture oil will need to be applied for approximately 10-14 days.  In those first couple of weeks, you need to avoid your tattoo getting too dry, so apply the cream 3-4 times a day.
-       Your tattoo may be itchy at first.  Do not scratch it during this healing time or pick at your tattoo
-       Avoid swimming pools and swimming at the beach for 14 days while your tattoo is healing.
-       Tattoos fade, so from here on in, you will need to use sunblock.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Keep your tattoo as clean as possible during the healing time (approximately 14 days).