Wayne opened Cornerstone Ink in 2017. Prior to taking up tattooing, Wayne was a full time musician.  Music, drawing and designing have always been a big part of his life.

Wayne specializes in Viking/Celtic art but covers a wide variety of styles from black and grey to neo-traditional, dot-work, mandala, color and realism.


Kesi Tobeck has always been drawn to art. She began to really focus on developing her skill and technique at 13, quickly developing her own unique style. 

Kesi began to be inspired by various graphic novels she read in school, along with growing up immersed in 2000’s internet culture and 90’s cartoons. She’s determined to make a name for herself and is quickly developing her tattooing skills.

Outside of tattooing, Kesi likes to paint portraits, crochet and try out new ways of creating and keeping her hands busy.

Dunedin born and raised, this local is jump starting her career in the industry and is looking forward to meeting new clients and working on making their ideas come to fruition.