A brief history lesson.....

The first human tattoo was discovered on Otzi the Iceman in 1991. He was found in the Otztal Alps between Austria and Italy. It is believed that he lived between 3400 and 3100BC. Tattoos have also been found on the Scythian Nomadic people in the Ukraine dating back to 2500BC.

At some point, European tribes stopped tattooing. One reason for this may have been the Christian bible negatively portraying tattooing the body. Another reason may have been when the Romans conquered Europe, they tattooed the hands and faces of the Celtic slaves as a form of punishment.

During this time, Christianity systematically destroyed the cultural and sacred practices of our pagan ancestors. Without the art of tattooing being practiced, Europeans ended up losing the meanings and beliefs associated with their symbols.

So what does this have to do with your tattoo?

If you can supply a basic knowledge of your family tree and where they are from, Wayne can research your clans and find symbols/designs unique to you and your ancestry. He will look for local artwork, runes, bind runes, artefacts, ancient stones etc.....combining these things to tell the story of your ancestors. This can then become the concept for your unique tattoo.