The Team

Wayne opened Cornerstone Ink in 2017, turning his lifelong passion for art into a thriving business. Before embarking on his tattooing career, Wayne was a full-time musician, seamlessly blending his love for music with his artistic talents. Music, drawing, and designing have always been integral parts of his life, shaping his unique creative vision.

Specializing in Viking and Celtic art, Wayne brings a rich historical and cultural depth to his tattoos. However, his expertise is not limited to these styles. He skilfully covers a wide variety of styles, including blackwork ornamental, coverups, Neo Japanese.

Wayne’s versatility and attention to detail make him a sought-after artist for clients looking for both traditional and contemporary designs. At Cornerstone Ink, Wayne is dedicated to creating stunning, personalized tattoos that reflect his clients' stories and individuality.

Drawing has been a constant in Chantelle's life since she was very young. Her favourite subject matter has always been between the human form or animals of any variation. She moved from drawing to mostly printmaking throughout school, and now she has thrown everything into tattooing, which she is very passionate about.

Chantelle loves hearing everyone’s ideas and bringing them to life, as she believes tattoos have a way of making people feel much more comfortable in their skin, and she loves being a part of that journey with them.

Her favourite styles to tattoo range from American traditional and Neo-traditional all the way to semi-realistic animals. Chantelle would love to hear from you and help you decorate your skin to express who you are!

Zola has been an avid drawer and painter for the majority of her life, a passion that eventually led her to pursue tattooing. This art form allows her the creative freedom to design pieces that are both perfect and unique for her clients, blending her artistic skills with personal expression.

Much of Zola's tattoo flash reflects her inspirations drawn from her serene garden and her two beloved cats. Her favourite tattoo styles include fine line work, intricate florals, and vibrant colour pieces, all showcasing her delicate touch and artistic versatility. Zola's work is a testament to her dedication to creating meaningful and beautiful art on skin.

In addition to her artistic talents, Zola is known for her warm and welcoming demeanour, making every client feel comfortable and valued. She takes great pride in collaborating closely with her clients, listening to their ideas and transforming them into stunning, personalized tattoos. For Zola, tattooing is not just a profession but a way to help people express their individuality and stories through art. Her studio is a space where creativity and personal connections flourish, making each tattoo experience unique and memorable.

Charlie has been immersed in art from a young age. Raised by a talented painter for a grandad, Charlie's artistic journey started early, often doodling in school books which sometimes led to getting kicked out of class. This passion for art continued to grow, leading Charlie to study printmaking at art school.

Charlie has a love for comic books, album covers, 80’s gig posters, screen printing, heavy metal, punk rock, and, of course, old school tattoos. Recently, Charlie has also developed an interest in blackwork, ornamental tattooing, and cover-ups.

Drawing has been a constant in Charlie's life since childhood, with a favourite subject matter always being the human form or various animals. Moving from drawing to predominantly printmaking throughout school, Charlie has now devoted everything to tattooing, a craft for which there is immense passion.